Global chemical company utilises automation to transform management reporting process

“Historically, we’d been utilising spreadsheets to generate our monthly management packs, which was a time consuming and error-prone process. Talentia’s CPM solution allows us to automate tasks, meaning we can generate reports in under 30 seconds, compared with the 3 hours it previously took.”

Andrew Gilbert, Group Financial Controller, Scott Bader

Scott Bader

Scott Bader is a global chemical company employing over 600 people worldwide. It has manufacturing sites across the globe, including the UK, France, Canada, Croatia, the Middle East and South Africa.

The organisation manufactures, sells and distributes a wide range of synthetic resins and polymers to a range of different industries, from construction to the beauty industry. Scott Bader made the decision to invest in a solution from Talentia Software after identifying a need to move away from its traditional use of spreadsheets for its monthly consolidation of management accounts. The manufacturer is utilising Talentia’s CPM software to produce a month end management pack, including management accounts, primary statements, cash flow, KPIs and product group analysis on a global and European basis.

Key benefits:

  • The shift from spreadsheets provides Scott Bader with increased confidence when creating reports
  • Document production is now significantly less time-consuming with automation technology
  • Web-based application allows instant access to business intelligence from anywhere, at any time
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Before making the shift to Talentia’s innovative software, Scott Bader utilised spreadsheets to compile its monthly management reporting pack. This involved 15 spreadsheets combined into one larger document, and with so much data, there were often issues with its integrity. The chemical company is now utilising Talentia’s CPM solution from a central location in the UK to generate its monthly consolidation of management accounts with increased assurance that reports are error free.
The time-saving benefits of the CPM solution have been significant, allowing Scott Bader to cut document production from almost three hours, to under 30 seconds. Making changes to documents is also a much faster process; a scenario-based approach means adhoc queries would often take a significant amount of time to implement within an already generated report. With Talentia’s CPM solution, this can take just a second. Utilising the software’s web-based capabilities, Scott Bader is also able to generate group management accounts from anywhere. This is extremely useful when receiving and submitting reports from different sites with varying time zones.
Andrew Gilbert states, “The web-based-application means I do not need to stay in the office when waiting to receive submissions from sites overseas. I can import and consolidate reports at a time that suits me, and the software’s user-friendly nature gives me access to all of the data I need in real-time.”