Talentia’s HCM solution helps Sidel revitalise the way it manages its global workforce
“We wanted to empower employees and encourage greater involvement from them and their managers in key HR processes and throughout performance management. Furthermore, as we operate across 30 countries and five continents, it is imperative that our HR system is available in multiple currencies and languages to standardise HR processes across the globe.”
Adèle Rees, HRIS Manager, Sidel


Sidel is an international organisation that has worked closely with food and beverage companies on a worldwide scale for 165 years. Providing PET bottles, an alternative to glass, the company employs 3,500 people across 30 countries and five continents, with HR decisions made at a local level in all countries. Sidel made the decision to invest in an HR solution from Talentia Software after identifying a need to reduce administration and improve the autonomy of managers and employees responsible for HR tasks. An additional key factor in the decision-making process for Sidel was the availability of self-service functionality for employees and managers to better inform the performance appraisal process.


Key benefits of Talentia’s HCM solution:

  • User-friendly platform enables Sidel to keep track of and easily interpret employee data
  • Self-service HCM platform provides vital employee information for performance reviews
  • Multi-currency and language solution creates a standardised global HR process
  • Flexible solution provides vital HR analytics and business intelligence to drive HR decisions
  • Personalised service and support ensured initial software implementation ran smoothly
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Sidel’s HR function operates locally in all countries that it is based. The implementation of Talentia’s HCM solution has therefore successfully allowed the company to manage the HR function across the globe. The platform is being used to provide vital information and form the basis of performance reviews for 3,500 employees across 30 countries. The software also allows Sidel to utilise multiple currencies and languages, an imperative function for an organisation that operates internationally.

Talentia HCM offers numerous user profiles and extensive workflow functionality to effectively automate key HR processes and facilitate greater involvement from both managers and employees. Employee and manager service was an important requirement for Sidel, particularly for the performance review process. This approach has helped Sidel to reduce the administrative burden on the HR department, and align individual and team goals with those of the organisation.

Sidel has worked closely with Talentia Software UK’s team for over a year to ensure that this project supports the company’s needs. Sidel cites Talentia’s “personalised approach” and flexible, user-friendly technology as a central reason for choosing it to supply this HCM solution.