Budgeting and Forecasting Software
Streamline and automate the budgeting and forecasting process

Talentia’s BP&F software supports all aspects of the planning, budgeting and forecasting process. The financial planning solution ensures that a single, accurate source of information is present and enables modelling of budget rules according to business needs.

Automated CPM & Forecasting

The solution automates the budgeting process with a built-in workflow engine that gives the finance team total visibility around this time-driven process, giving them the ability to operate rolling forecasts if required.

Why Choose Talentia CPM Software

Talentia CPM reduces the risk of errors associated with collating data from multiple sources. The system also has an open architecture that allows the user to pull critical information from third party systems into the budgeting model. This means that information from the general ledger, sales forecasting, cash flow etc. can be used to help prepare a more accurate budget. It also saves time for the end user as they do not have to double key data from different spreadsheets – all the information they need is within Talentia CPM.



OLAP represents an additional functionality in the Talentia CPM offering.  OLAP not only provides access to the numbers but also lets you quickly and easily manipulate large volumes of data. It can dynamically reconcile and cross-reference many different areas of analysis, such as accounting type, analysis dimensions, entities, products and events. Powerful exploratory functions let you compare the budgets for different product lines, companies and departments, and automatically reflect changes to the data in real time.

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