Intercompany Reconciliation Software
Manage intercompany reconciliation in real-time

Talentia’s  Intercompany Reconciliation software manages  intra-group trading entries. Cross-checking and reconciling them in real-time. The solution enables your company to identify and reconcile intercompany balances directly with one another, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the process. This in turn reduces the amount of time it takes your business to close its books.

Talentia’s Approach to CPM

Multicycle approach: Talentia Intercompany allows intra-group reconciliation for different management cycles: budget, forecast and actuals. Variances between cycles are automatically analysed.

Fast reconciliation: Appropriate real-time colour coding highlights the reconciled positions and allows analysis of variances (activation of charges, translation difference, cut-off, payment under way, off setting of revenues and expenses, different assessment rules, etc).

Workflow management: Contributors and auditors monitor the evolution of the reconciliation process. A customisable workflow provides targeted automatic alerts to those involved with regard to their situation in the reconciliation process. The control panel provides an overall view of the progress of each entity or business unit.

Benefits of Talentia CPM:

  • Effectiveness: fast, accurate and effective reconciliation of intra-group amounts
  • Ease of use: organisations can be using Talentia Intercompany in just a few days
  • Accuracy: reduction in the number of errors
  • Return on investment: an average saving of 15 man-days in financial consolidation cycles
  • Adaptability: integration with other consolidation and reporting solutions on the market



e-Collect is one of the four additional functionalities offered within the Talentia CPM offer. With the e-Collect you can facilitate and automate the collection, mapping, conversion, validation and loading of your financial and  non-financial data coming from your various operational systems.

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