Streamline financial consolidation with Talentia CPM

Talentia’s Statutory Consolidation software is an intuitive, easy-to-use system for financial consolidation, enabling the consolidation process to be streamlined by reducing manual processes and errors.

The Talentia CPM Solution

Our CPM solution supports Finance departments in achieving internal and external deadlines guaranteeing traceability of all entries and operations with the target of complying with the publication of the financial and economic data.

The CPM software solution encourages organisation-wide financial communication, facilitating a greater level of collaboration.

Statutory Consolidation

Management Reporting

Intercompany Reconciliation

Plan, Budget & Forecast

Why Choose Talentia for CPM

The solution reduces the cost of compliance by enabling Finance Departments to create statutory reporting complying with IAS/IFRS and local GAAPs.

By automating financial consolidation Talentia CPM helps achieve a faster and more accurate close by eliminating manual processes and enabling clear analysis of consolidated financial information.

An audit trail that encompasses every step in the consolidation process makes it possible to analyse and understand the switch from individual data to consolidated data. The user can at any time go back to the source of the information and also closely audit his consolidated data.

Multi-currencies management, work-flow management and a fully detailed audit trail are just some of the features offered.

Talentia CPM also offers:

  • Structured and accelerated creation of Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Multiple Consolidation methods
  • Manual and automatic entries via ad-hoc journals
  • Reconciliation between the Management and Statutory Consolidation
  • A powerful tool for reporting and analysis
  • Guaranteed traceability of information
  • Compliancy with rules and procedures
  • Fast deployment of the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements



In compliance with IFRS regulations, Talentia CPM features the e-Shareholding module, which enables the declaration of the group’s investments through its securities portfolio, automatically calculates capital links and initialises the consolidation method of each unit, thereby allowing automatic generation of your legal organisations’ chart.

Integrate and streamline financial and management reporting

Talentia’s Management Reporting module satisfies the need for a single repository to drive consolidation and reporting. It is the basis of common information across the whole enterprise and meets the internal demand for operational, management and strategic directions.

Benefits of Talentia Management Reporting Software

Talentia’s Management Reporting software integrates the process of reporting across all levels of responsibility. The web-based solution provides accurate information to users in real-time, enabling the production of reliable and meaningful business reporting and analysis.

How does Talentia CPM & Reporting Work?

Interactive dashboards in Talentia’s CPM software makes it easy to analyse KPIs – enabling better informed, faster decision-making and a reduction in cycle times.

Sophisticated and complex reports can be created on any information within the business intelligence system. Analysis, modelling and scenarios can be built easily with drag and drop functionality. Users can filter by any dimension, compare and drill down into data and generate management reports in multiple formats.

Charts, tables and graphs are also available to be included in the reports ready for the next Board meeting in few minutes.

Scorecards and different performance measurement methodologies are more and more based on non-financial information, along with the financial ones. Talentia CPM can flexibly and quickly manage different sets of those. Number of employees (headcount or FTE), units of product, weight of raw materials and number of machine hours are only a few examples of the endless list of non-financial information that can be fed into the system.

Management Reporting Features

Flexible and adaptable: Talentia’s Management Reporting software reconciles the need of a complex and multi-dimensional system with the user friendly approach. Flexible in the configuration and adaptable to any single entity our system will correctly represent, analyse and report your company through figures.

Consolidation process: Talentia CPM becomes the standard and unifying means of management accounting communication, facilitating a greater level of collaboration. Group reporting milestones are optimised. The amount of work required and associated costs are reduced, as well as the errors.

Dashboard: With Talentia CPM it is easy to configure key performance indicators that analyse performance in real time, generating added benefits to the organisation by enabling efficient decision making at all levels in the business. With Talentia CPM dashboards, managers have a universal view of business activity available to them with real time alerts to warn of any adverse variations.


e-Pilot is an additional functionality available in the Talentia’s CPM solution. e-Pilot is a workflow tool which enables users to see the status of the validation process and contribute to moving it forward and at any time according to their specific authorisation levels. The Validation Process Management control panel quickly analyses the situation and effectively sends out e-mail reminders to those who are overdue.



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