Stay tuned with your business, keep the team engaged from everywhere



Talentia HCM mobile for iOS and Android has been created to allow managers and employees to interact in real time and from anywhere, offering administration, activity plan and process management functionalities. Talentia HCM mobile automates the entire HR process, increases productivity, and facilitates communication wherever you are.

You only need to have a valid account on Talentia HCM and a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet in order to plan the holidays, notify the appropriate people of an illness, download documents from your personal files, or complete a self-service performance appraisal.

Managers, may also authorise holidays and work permits, complete the performance review and monitor the relevant KPIs.


The main Talentia HCM Mobile features include:

  • Access your personal profile
  • Monitoring individual and team performance indicators
  • Management of individual and team holiday plans
  • Submit, approve and decline absence requests
  • Submit, complete or review your team’s performance appraisals
  • Download your HR documents
  • View your Activity Feed
  • View your company directory
  • View/Subscribe/Unsubscribe notifications and deadlines.