Maintain your competitive talent advantage

Track potential, skills and experience; mobility, risk and readiness; manage career and succession plans; identify skills gaps and succession shortages; search for candidates to fill vacancies and much more.

Flexible and easy to use, it brings together all of the elements required to support effective career development. It not only provides you with a consistent, enterprise-wide view of the skills, competencies, performance and ambitions of your employees, but also provides the tools and analysis you need to make informed decisions about your people.

Unlock employee value with appraisal and performance management software

Takes advantage of web and workflow technologies to streamline and improve the complete performance management process, from setting and agreeing performance goals and development activities to administering employee appraisals and performance reviews. HR administration is reduced, the flow of information improved and everyone has more time to focus on performance.

Talentia people development has been designed to fit around your performance management processes and reflect the way you want to work. It allows for the measurement of both soft targets (skills and competencies) and hard targets (such as revenue objectives), and can be configured to support simple one-off employee performance appraisals as well as an ongoing performance management process with multiple steps.

Talentia’s performance management software delivers results by:

  • Making performance management processes easier to manage and much more transparent
  • Helping to align individual and team goals with those of the organisation
  • Encouraging accountability and consistency
  • Providing vital HR analytics and business intelligence to drive wider HR decisions, such as compensationsuccession and career planningand training and development.


Talentia Succession and Career creates a competitive talent advantage by:

  • Track and manage talent across your whole organisation
  • helping you to create flexible succession plans and talent pools that support dynamic business needs
  • highlighting gaps and potential risks in your succession plans and talent pools so you can decide how to address them
  • allowing career plans to be aligned with the aspirations of your employees as well as the needs of your business
  • encouraging participation from employees and their managers
  • providing invaluable information to inform other critical HR activities, such as recruitment and development.

Empower your team to learn and grow

Employee development is a critical activity for every organisation. With training budgets under scrutiny, it is essential that development activities are aligned with business goals and administrative costs minimised.


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