Develop your salary policy with confidence

With Talentia’s compensation and benefits software, all of the information required to complete salary analyses and pay review processes are held in one place. Reward specialists and line managers simply access the information they need (and have permission to see) using a standard web browser. Data fragmentation is avoided, and with it the administrative burden of managing multiple spreadsheets.

Salary Analysis

Using Compensation & Benefits HCM Software

Reviewing managers benefit from secure access to the up-to-date information they need to make informed pay proposals. They’ll be able to model alternative pay scenarios in the context of corporate guidelines (for example, merit matrices or market data) and see how best to use their budget to reward and motivate their staff. For approving managers it’s much easier too. They’ll be able to review, modify and approve the pay proposals of their subordinate review groups from a single screen.

Talentia’s Human Capital Management software:

  • Records full salary history
  • Enables HR to conduct salary analysis using both internal and external data
  • Streamlines the pay review process
  • Provides reviewing managers with the information they need to propose and approve optimal pay reviews
  • Encourages adherence to corporate policies through alerts and on screen guidance
  • Ensures that reward specialists and other HR professionals never lose sight of either data or the process
  • Manages budgets
  • Helps to administer benefits
  • Manages stock options.

A Lifetime of HCM Software

Human Capital Management replaces fragmented, difficult to manage spreadsheet-based approaches with a single, easy to use software application that provides line managers, reward specialists and other HR professionals with comprehensive, accurate and timely information to help support pay decisions.

Talentia HCM software is provided within the cloud and as SaaS, making it fully scalable to your business needs.



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