November 2nd 2016

You can now implement a Single Reporting Solution for Group Consolidation, Management Reporting and Intercompany Reconciliation – by any cycle or period, down to intraday.

How do you use your performance data and indicators to analyse and better respond to your marketplace and influence a stronger outcome before the ‘final mile’ ?

14.00 – 17.15


14.00 Welcome and Introduction

  • Registration
  • Tea Coffee / networking

14.30 Webinar presentation

  • Planning & Forecasting Agility

– What do we mean by agility

– How does it apply to the planning process?

– Financial & non-financial performance data

  • Automation of data collection

– Drawing data from multiple sources

– The value of a single repository

– Dynamic reporting, analysis, planning and forecasting

– Excel, friend of foe (how mistakes can be avoided)

  • The importance of market context when reporting

– Benchmarking

– Year on year comparison

– Market analysis

– Using KPI’s with context to look ahead rather than just at the past

– Improved internal communication and stakeholder report packs

15.15 Break and Refreshments

15.30 Round table discussion talking in more detail about the points raised in the presentation

16.35 Practical workshop

17.15 Questions and Feedback