November 2nd 2016

You can now implement a Single Reporting Solution for Group Consolidation, Management Reporting and Intercompany Reconciliation – by any cycle or period, down to intraday.

How do you use your performance data and indicators to analyse and better respond to your marketplace and influence a stronger outcome before the ‘final mile’ ?

14.30 – 15.15



14.30 Webinar presentation

  • Planning & Forecasting Agility

– What do we mean by agility

– How does it apply to the planning process?

– Financial & non-financial performance data

  • Automation of data collection

– Drawing data from multiple sources

– The value of a single repository

– Dynamic reporting, analysis, planning and forecasting

– Excel, friend of foe (how mistakes can be avoided)

  • The importance of market context when reporting

– Benchmarking

– Year on year comparison

– Market analysis

– Using KPI’s with context to look ahead rather than just at the past

– Improved internal communication and stakeholder report packs