Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method of licensing and delivering software on a subscription basis from a centrally hosted point.

In some cases SaaS is referred to as on-demand software and typically accessed through a client portal, with through a thin client or web browsers. The idea being SaaS is that businesses can use externally hosted software to run business operations and scale them as necessary.

At Talentia, all of our HCM software and CPM software is offered through a SaaS model, allowing businesses to grow the use of software alongside internal change.

Software as a Service from Talentia

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Why Choose Talentia Software?

The outstanding characteristic of our HCM software is that it is a modular HR and talent management software systems that reflect the input of hundreds of organizations and thousands of users worldwide. It provides practical, cost effective and scalable solutions catered to fit your individual corporate needs, whether you require core HR administration or the best talent management.