HR Blog | 2 January 2018

How to re-motivate your employees in the New Year


Coming back to work after a well-deserved break is the best time to re-motivate and energise your employees. No doubt some resolutions with new life and work goals would have been made for 2018, so let’s use this fresh attitude to the New Year and pave the way for a prosperous year ahead.

Here are some top tips to re-motivate in the New Year:



The start of a New Year is a great way to remind your employees about your company’s vision and what the objectives and goals are for the coming year. This is a great way to motivate employees and for them to understand how they fit into the bigger picture and to achieve goals set.


Write out goals 

This is the perfect time to make self-improvement plans.  Start a list of achievable objectives to strive towards. Whether it’s only setting out small goals that are easily achievable or setting some big impact goals, creating the list will help prepare the year to come. For example, if you want to move positions within your organisation, find out what needs to be achieved for you to progress there. Whether you need to undertake specific learning and development activities to boost your knowledge or job rotation for experience.

Involve your teams with the planning process

Ask for your employees input from the beginning of your strategy or planning process. You’ll inadvertently increase their motivation when they get to have their say and voice their support and/or concerns right from the get-go. This way, when the time comes for the employees to action those plans, they’ll already be invested in what they need to do, rather than feel dictated to.


Lead in the New Year as a team 

A business’ success is down to its employees working well together. So a great way to ensure your teams are in sync is to have an all in staff meeting. This is a great opportunity to get the whole company together to discuss the roadmap for the coming months as well as the targets they need to hit. Whether you run it in your office, on a conference call, a video or web conference like go-to-meeting, having an all-company meeting will help your employees focus and know what the common goal is that they’ll be working towards.


Provide positive feedback

It’s important for leaders to encourage employees and give positive feedback about their work. Sharing constructive and productive feedback with your employees can make a measurable difference. It is important for employees to receive frequent feedback about their work and progress in order to grow. Peer to Peer feedback such as endorsements in specific skills, thanks for helping out on a project, can help motivate and encourage your employees. Being recognised for the achievements from a peer can have a very positive impact on their development.


Have fun!

Often employees find themselves in a fun-rut! Going to and from work becomes very routine. Help inject some fun back into the day by thinking of ways to change the atmosphere at work.  From kitchen birthday celebrations to happy hour parties even arranging pot luck lunch, make an effort to celebrate as often as possible. Employees no longer put up with poor company culture, so being proactive about keeping the culture fun and fresh will keep employees motivated and keep things interesting and entertaining.


Listen to your employees

As the workloads pile up, it’s easy to lose touch of how your employees are getting on in the company. And sometimes you find out when it is too late. That’s why it is important to discuss career goals, expectations and aspirations and understand the company climate. In doing this, you’ll be able to address any issues before a problem arises and prevent further dissatisfaction between other employees.

Use the opportunity to conduct stay interviews with employees. The aim is to understand the reasons why they choose to stay and a chance to understand the level of employee satisfaction and company climate. Their answers can help improve your strategy for retaining employees.

So if you’re looking to help engage your staff and motivate for the New Year, make a plan, set achievable goals and keep your employees involved. They’ll in turn help you drive your businesses success!

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